The special curtain makes your house to be unique

10/16/2014 17:35

With people's pursuit at the decoration quality, people require the function of the curtains is changing, the curtains should not only used to shade the sunshine but also it should help to beautify the home famishing. Using the Shabby Chic Curtains to make the room to be unique would be an important element which should not be ignore at the home decorations. Based on the introduction of the home furnishing designer, because there are a lot of styles and patterns of the curtains, you can choose the curtains to match your home style, because the several of the curtains, it is easy to mach. Here are some detailed introduction about it, please check, and hope it will be useful for you.

1, the curtain choosing for the rooms which are lack of the brightness

If the living room brightness is not enough, just because the rooms are towards to the dark side, choosing the light colors, and the printed pattern curtain is a good method, this curtain can help to expand the role of light using the laxly curtain cloth organization, which will make brightness high even at the time of hanging the curtain. Sometimes the light colors will help you to feel the brightness, and you should avoid using the dark color curtains which will make the room look small and dark, while the dark color curtain will make people feel constrain.

Shabby Chic Curtains

2, curtains choosing for the lower floors rooms

If the room is very large, but the height is low, it will make people feel constrain, at this time, choose vertical stripes curtain with a strong color contrast is the most appropriate, if it would be coupled with light colored or gauze curtains, it will create double curtains which can have the effect of drawing room height. Sometimes you should not choose the large curtains, because the large curtains will make you feel the room is full of the decorations, and it would not be comfortable.

Shabby Chic Curtains

3, curtains choosing for the room too small rooms

if the room is too small, you can choose floor curtain, and try to choose the curtains which have the reflective curtain cloth in the color and the patterns, then you can feel fully and effectively strengthen the sense of space. Sometimes the floor curtain are seemed to be a large picture, it is a part of the wall, and it can be a shining decoration of the house, and it will attract the people's sights effectively, and it seems that the room is not so small.

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Make good use of unique curtain will help you to create different style.